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Artworx summer science fun workshop for kids


Is it Mickey Mouse? Well; No, it is not, but still it is the most beloved element on the earth. It is the chemical structure of water molecule.It has two molecules of hydrogen bounded with one molecule of oxygen. Hydrogen is the fuel of the Universe. All stars and planets have hydrogen. Hydrogen was the first in the universe after the Big Bang. So children come and let’s make Hydrogen with simple daily things which we can get.
Join Sci – Fun Workshop starting from 30th May. Click on the following link to know more.

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24 Tips – How To Raise A Smart Child

In a nutshell, here are the most important parenting tips on raising your child to help him (or her) grow smart:

1.  Give your child an early start – According to the study by Ronald Ferguson, director of the Achievement Gap Initiative at Harvard University, giving your child a head start in learning should“start in the crib”. He recommends the following activities to support early childhood development: maximizing loving responsiveness and minimizing stress, talking, singing and gesturing a lot, using number games and rhythm, enabling and encouraging three-dimensional competencies, and cultivating a love of learning.

2.  Read books to your kid – Start reading to him even if he does not understand the words.  This gives him a head start in developing language skills.  Kids who are read to when young are more likely to develop a lifelong interest in reading, do well in school and succeed in adult life. Reading books is one of the most important activity that makes kids smart.

3.  Talk to your kid – This develops your child’s strong language skills.  Also, listen to your child when he’s talking.  This reinforces his effort to communicate and develops his facility for language.

4.  Interact with your kid, play with him (her), and make him feel loved – Scientists observed that babies who were not cuddled, played with and loved have stunted brain growth.  They also observed that babies who were not held and did not receive attention failed to grow, became depressed, and eventually died.   On the other hand, many studies have shown that loving, hugging, interacting and playing with your child has a strong effect on developing his intelligence.  The loving connection formed between you and your kid and your one-on-one interaction with him provide the foundation for his higher thinking skills.

5.  Make your child a readerThe love for reading brings so many benefits for your child. It is one of the most important quality you can develop on your child for him to grow up smart. Reading develops your child’s appetite for knowledge. The more your child learns from reading, the more he wants to know. By being a reader early in life, your child is well-prepared to grasp the complexities of mathematics, science, history, engineering, mechanics, political science,and other knowledge necessary for a productive life.

6.  Let your kid play – When your kid plays, he is creating the foundation for his intellectual, social, physical and emotional skills. When he plays with other kids, he learns to combine ideas, impressions and feelings with other kids’ experiences and opinions.

7.  Encourage your kid to exercise – Physical exercise does not only make your kid strong, but it also makes your kid smart!  Exercise increases the flow of blood to the brain and builds new brain cells.  Exercise is good for adults’ mental sharpness, but it has a more long-lasting effect on your kid’s still developing brain. See more benefits of exercise on children’s brain

8.   Make music a part of your child’s life – Studies have shown that listening to music can boost memory, attention, motivation and learning.  It can also lower stress that is destructive to your kid’s brain.  Learning to play a musical instrument has an effect on the brain’s proportional thinking and spatial-temporal reasoning that lay the foundation for abstract math.

9.  Let your child see you doing smart things – Kids learn by modeling adult’s behavior.  If he sees you engaged in reading books, writing, making music, or doing creative things, he will imitate you, and in the process make himself smart.

10.  Limit your kid’s TV viewing – Your child should not be watching TV before age 2.  Letting your kid watch too much TV takes him away from doing activities that are more important to his developing brain, like playing, socializing and reading books.

11.  Give your kid smart computer games –   The best kid-friendly computer games teach your kid about letters, math, music, phonics and many others.  It also develops his hand-eye coordination and prepares him for tomorrow’s technology.  More importantly, he learns these while he plays.  Learning and having fun at the same time is the best way for your kid to learn. See also the positive and negative effects of video games

12.  Allow your child to get bored – According to Julia Robinson, Education and Training Director of the Independent Association of Prep Schools, it is okay for you child to get bored. Learning to be bored is part of preparing for adulthood. Your child should learn to enjoy “quiet reflection” instead of forcing him to fill his days with activities.

13.  Allow your child to take risks and fail – Kids who don’t take risk and experience failure or pain like falling off a bike or losing in competitions can develop low self-esteem and phobias, discourage creativity and learning for themselves. Also, do not rescue kids too quickly. Let them solve problems on their own so they learn from their experience.

14.  Feed your kid right – Giving the right food to your kid is important to making him smart.  Giving your baby the proper nutrition should begin while you are pregnant.  For an older kid, a protein-rich diet (egg, fish, meat) improves his attention, alertness, and thinking.  Carbohydrates give his brain the fuel that is used in thinking.  The best ones are those that come from whole grain and fruits.  Processed carbohydrates and sugar have bad effects on attention span, focusing ability, and activity level.  Vitamins and minerals are also important.

15.  Make sure your child gets enough sleep – A number of studies show a correlation in the amount of sleep and grades. If continued long enough, sleep issues can cause permanent problems.

16.  Help your kid to develop grit. – Grit is the disposition to pursue long term goals with hard work, perseverance and stamina. Having grit is said to make the difference between a high achiever and an unsuccessful person, and is more important for success than innate talent or intelligence. One way to teach your child about grit is to share with him the disappointments and frustrations that you have experienced.

17.  Praise your child for hard work, instead of “being smart” – Praising your child for effort help your child see himself as being in control of his success. Praising your child for “being smart” may discourage him from doing hard tasks because failing may conflict with his self-image of “being smart”. Also, praise intermittently so your child’s persistence is not based only on rewards like praise.

18.  Give your child a growth mindset – According to psychiatrist Joe Brewster, kids should be encouraged to see learning as the process of becoming better at something, instead of having a fixed mind-set of his intelligence. When your child fails, he should see it as an opportunity for growth, instead of seeing himself as a failure.

19.  Avoid coddling your child – if you want him to be a leader, according to leadership expert Tim Elmore. Also, give him projects that require patience, so he learns to master certain disciplines. Find more tips in this Forbes article.

20.  Use bribery as part of your parental toolkit – Experts say that it is okay to bribe your child to motivate her, like “paying” for getting good grades or doing chores. You can ask your child what she prefers as an incentive. Sometimes, money or material items are not that important to her, compared to video game time, for example. Bribery should not be used, however, to control your kid or to make her stop an unacceptable behavior.

21.  Consider giving your child more time engaging in open-ended, free-flowing activities instead of forcing him into a schedule. According to a study by doctoral and undergraduate researchers at University of Colorado, Boulder, children who have less-structured time display higher levels of executive functioning, and vice versa. According to Yuko Munakata, the study’s lead researcher, “Executive function helps [children] in all kinds of ways throughout their daily lives, from flexibly switching between different activities rather than getting stuck on one thing, to stopping themselves from yelling when angry, to delaying gratification. Executive function during childhood predict important outcomes, like academic performance, health, wealth, and criminality, years and even decades.”

22.  Don’t micromanage your child – or constantly correct her. Let her discover things for herself to nurture her creative and innovative thinking.

23.  Get your kid involved in the kitchen. It will not only teach him how to cook, it will also enhance his math and motor skills.

24.  Dads who help out at home raise daughters who select from a broader range of career options than daughters of families in which chores are not equitably shared, a study suggests.

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5 Reasons why your kid needs to learn a hobby


  1. Stress management

Today’s Kids feel more and various kinds of pressure. A hobby will provide a refreshing break.

  1. Add new dimensions in your kid’s personality

You may notice that your kid’s life is becoming just about School, Tuitions and TV. There is hardly anything else that is interesting and about him. Pursuing a hobby will create a multi-faceted personality that people will find interesting. Remember, bookworms are not successful people.

  1. Social skill

Your hobby enables  you finding new friends. If you learn a hobby properly, you will be able to amaze your friends. Interesting hobbies make you popular everywhere.

  1. The sense of accomplishment

Having a hobby allows your child to have accomplishments outside of academics. It fills him or her with self-esteem and confidence. the Sense of accomplishment is a trigger for a series of success.

  1. Breaking ice, making you nice

A hobby helps in breaking ice between Kids and gives them something to talk about.

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ARTWORX Workshop 2 Oct 2013

ARTWORX – the No-1 School of Visual & Performing Arts conducted a workshop on 2 October 2013 in SG Estates Rajnagar Extn. The workshop received by parents and kids enthusiastically.

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Story Telling is an ART


Badri Narayan is a self-taught artist who revels in the wonder of fables, tales and parables. “The art of story telling is a never-ending creative act that widens the scope and action of man – then, now and later,” he says to The Hindu News Paper. His work is exciting, bright and colorful just like the world of stories should be.He paints the stories in watercolors. The Magician, Birth of a unicorn and Buddha are some of his recent works. He is 82 years old and Padma Shree holder. Now a days some of his paintings are on display in an exhibition in Mumbai. If you go there during summer vacations go and see these paintings.   In this era of cartoons, Facebook and youtube there are very few who actually listen to a story but i bet if they do they will find it a very exciting experience provided that the story was told by heart. Artworx director Anupam Dixit says that children are very god story maker and story tellers. When i work with them in my Drama class they show great enthusiasm. I always suggest parents that spend quality time with your child. Quality time doesn’t mean an outing to a mall, movie or McDonald but go out in a park with some books and tell them some stories. make bedtime stories a routine. if you will do this you child will be very good in languages and expressions. Artworx director is doing similar work here in Ghaziabad too.

(Picture : Courtesy The Hindu )

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TV and Video Games are killing our kid’s Imagination – Anupam Dixit

Is your child too demanding? through tantrums, arrogant? introvert ? or too much extrovert?  Not good in studies? Slow learner? Violent? Impatient. If any of the above symptoms your child is showing then he/she might be suffering from TV or Gaming addiction. TV and Video Games are necessary and we can not deny their utility but addiction of TV is harmful for kids. Watching TV for more than 6 hrs a week can have serious but slow adverse effect on your child’s Health. It can effect Vision in long term and may result in obesity, anti Social behavior and poor self confidence. Children’s Imagination, Curiosity, Concentration and confidence are worst effected.

Gaming is another culprit. However continuously denied by Gaming industry, Gaming is the main force behind insensitive and violent behavior. Games generally are associated with children and parents usually don’t check the content but many games are not appropriate for children. There may be violence or  explicit adult content that can effect your child’s healthy development. In a video game whenever there is an obstacle  occurs, The hero (player) immediately have to shoot or destroy it and when this situation comes in real life the only solution in a child’s mind is —Shoot it, destroy it.. In games there is no place for the outcomes of so many murders and killings. In real life even a police officer also is accountable for a single bullet but in a game he is not accountable to anything or anybody. There are always news floating that School kid opened fire on his classmates or teachers or in a mall claiming many lives just for kick or out of frustration. In Gurgaon few years back , school kid killed his classmate to take revenge. recently a child killed her teacher just because she insulted him in the class for his poor performance.

I am not saying that Video games are a bad product, It is on the contrary a very good medium to develop eye hand and mind coordination. It is a superb tool for training different skills and great scope of entertainment but corporate competition and big money are making content more intoxicating. In India what makes it even worse that games are not censored and parents are not aware..

Another effect of TV and Gaming Addiction is the early childhood obesity. As parent we are not encouraging children to go in park and indulge in physical activities. In the name of outing we always choose to go to nearest fast food joint or movie etc. Children are taking more and more empty calories without burring them. That can seriously effect children’s health. Diabetes, BP, Heart Problems, Asthma, Liver and kidney problems are increased in children only due to the changing lifestyles.

Then what is the solution? Well a balanced approach is always the best way. Do not eliminate TV and Games from your kid life but restrict their viewing hours and closely watch the content before buying a game or a film. Always respect censor ratings. while going to movies pay attention to the ratings and if it is not suitable for your child do not take them to the movies. When i got the film review of the “Dirty Picture”  from a six years old boy i could not think the rationale of taking him for the movie! Read reviews of a game and its contents online before you purchase it. Every film is not suitable for children so don’t carry them along with you whenever you go to movies. Be vigilant what they are doing on internet. It is still better and safe to socialize in real life then on a so called social networking sites. Try to encourage them to develop some active hobbies. Provide them an opportunity to socialize. Keep them engaged in activities they like. Once they will find interests in activities they will surely dislike long TV hrs. Think twice over this issue and decide. For you help i am providing the ratings of USA and Europe for Video Games.



Green – Suitable for Everyone

Yellow – Parental Guidance

Orange – Parental Examination

Red – Adult Content

Black – Banned

Ratings are for your help. Use your understanding of your culture, suitability and need for the content of the game and your child

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