Story Telling is an ART


Badri Narayan is a self-taught artist who revels in the wonder of fables, tales and parables. “The art of story telling is a never-ending creative act that widens the scope and action of man – then, now and later,” he says to The Hindu News Paper. His work is exciting, bright and colorful just like the world of stories should be.He paints the stories in watercolors. The Magician, Birth of a unicorn and Buddha are some of his recent works. He is 82 years old and Padma Shree holder. Now a days some of his paintings are on display in an exhibition in Mumbai. If you go there during summer vacations go and see these paintings.   In this era of cartoons, Facebook and youtube there are very few who actually listen to a story but i bet if they do they will find it a very exciting experience provided that the story was told by heart. Artworx director Anupam Dixit says that children are very god story maker and story tellers. When i work with them in my Drama class they show great enthusiasm. I always suggest parents that spend quality time with your child. Quality time doesn’t mean an outing to a mall, movie or McDonald but go out in a park with some books and tell them some stories. make bedtime stories a routine. if you will do this you child will be very good in languages and expressions. Artworx director is doing similar work here in Ghaziabad too.

(Picture : Courtesy The Hindu )

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